I pretty much stepped out of the conversation after Sandy Hook 1st Graders were blown to bits; attending school where we sent them for an education. The NRA blowback was sickening in it’s effectiveness and watching Americans run to gun stores w/their piggybanks for more firepower was just too much.

If we couldn’t at least *get rid of (as opposed to *take away) automatic weapons in the wake of such innocence so graphically slaughtered, I figured my focus was best directed elsewhere. Judging from the despair surrounding 2nd Amendment discussion I wasn’t alone. Not to make light of our Constitutional achilles in the wake of our latest National disgrace, but surviving children of the Valentine Massacre are stepping up to stage a “LIE-IN” this weekend–go Martiennials!
My ear to the ground, I’m hearing “Too-Soon-Spkr-Ryan” et al rolling out a new ew Republican talking point: “Maybe this is not a Right-Left issue.”
Ya think?
#TurningPoint #LieIn #Martiennials #TooSoon #TooLittleTooLate

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