Anyone Here Seen Airforce One?

Lets assume the United States Traitor in Chief boarded Airforce One following his apology (on our behalf as shamefully behaving Americans) to Vladamir Putin for suggesting our intelligence pointing to Russian espionage had merit. for For those fortunate to pretend it wasn’t happening let me burst your bubble. This morning, the President of the United States met one on one w/Valdameer Putin in a private discussion w/out so much as a note taker or even translator in the room.

Wait…no translator? What of that conspicuous black piece Putin wears in his ear w/a wire (in the wireless age) trailing down his jacket? What’s up w/that? Did he wear it into the room? I haven’t seen any pictures of them entering or exiting for that matter *the room* have you? Anyway, unless The Donald speaks Russian, which is…doubtful, he and Vlad communicated via broken English and/or …body language. Oh to be a fly on the wall!

But I digress. Where is Airforce One? Who is monitoring the Airforce One flight plan? OK we have no way of knowing it’s all classified. We’ll know what they know when and if it serves the greater good. Believe me. In the meantime, no worries, kick back and have another beer while we wait for the next assault wave of lies to wash over the White House. Or if you’re so inclined, check the gun safe and ammunition…you know, just in case we need to defend our homes against looters, or deplorables, or zombies, or …Black Hawk helicopters coopted by Putin’s minions dropping Rycin in our drinking water. Because yeah that’ll work.

May I humbly suggest we stop talking about which members of Congress are standing up for their country w/more merit than others and start planning how best to pull the plug on the swamp? With what will we fill the vacuum? Pence? Intolerable, given he was the handpicked backup of our Traitor in Chief himself. That leaves Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House already on his way out the door rather than stand his ground for the Constitution he is sworn to uphold.

She’s Back!

Can you hear her heels clicking down the hall? Lord hear our prayer. Hillary go home.

  • Do not collect $200
  • Do not pass the White House
  • Do not even think you are part of the solution when you are caught up in such a big part of the problem.

Business as Usual

Meantime, shame on anyone who tries to talk about forwarding any discussion w/respect to Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. If Mitch McConnel thinks now is the time to ram the next SCOTUS appointment for the next 40 years, he has another think about to hit him over the head. And if Democrats in Congress think they are going to hide behind minority status, well, that big blue wave just dried up. Use some of that tactical strategy that got you voted into office to stand up for your constituents w/meaningful deliverables upholding the United States Constitution you were sworn to uphold. You know the one about protecting us against all enemies foreign and domestic….In other words: Do your damn job!

Fake News

As for the corp media, consider the days of twitter fodder over and please stop questioning which lies are lies, which lies should have which consequences, and which lies matter. It’s all moot and nobody under 30 is listening. The Emperor has no Clothes.

Treason Anyone?

Yes. It’s that bad. We can pretend otherwise to our own detriment.

#GetTheMemo #GodSaveTheUSA


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