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Hell on the Border

“A father told me that if he’s deported without his son, his son is going to die of sadness. I was holding back tears when he told me that.” Evelin, over a thousand miles away, suffered migraines and was sick with anxiety. “She went through hell,” said Elmer, recounting his family’s story publicly to the Guardian for the first time. “[My wife] has high blood pressure. She was so sick. She was devastated.”

Immigrant Children Forcibly Drugged with ‘Powerful’ Psychotropics

Immigrant children forcibly drugged with ‘powerful’ psychotropics at Texas ‘treatment center’: lawsuit  NOOR AL-SIBAI 20 JUN 2018 AT 13:27 ET DON’T MISS STORIES. FOLLOW RAW STORY! In a new lawsuit, immigrant children detained at a government-funded facility in Texas described being forcibly drugged with psychotropic medicines that made them dizzy and unable to walk. Reveal…

MN Lawmakers Respond to Border Kidnappings

In fact, the Administration’s policy brings to mind the shameful cultural genocide of the late 1800’s, when, in the name of ‘civilization,’ thousands of Indian children were taken from their parents and put into government boarding schools – forced to change their names, learn English, wear Western-style clothing and convert to Christianity. The devastating effects of what amounted to state-sponsored kidnapping are still being felt today in Indian Country, where rates of drug abuse, suicide and crime are often far higher than the norm.