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Social Media Filtering Is Not Censorship

In principle, people possess a right to anonymous speech. That doesn’t mean Facebook has to provide that for you, of course; we’ve covered that. But the wrong legislation, implementing universal rules of the social media experience that impute liability or make alternative services assuring anonymous speech less available, would benefit Facebook. Cumbersome rules will make emergence of the next social or related startup less likely.

Facebook Hackers Likely Hit Most Users

“We built this feature, and it’s very useful. There were a lot of people using it up until we shut it down today,” chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said of Facebook’s search tools in a blog post Wednesday. “Given the scale and sophistication of the activity we’ve seen, we believe most people on Facebook could have had their public profile scraped.”

Delete Facebook? Not in Indian Country

[Ancestors] delivering coded messages literally delivered in strands of yucca rope tied in knots, runners crossed the desert alerting other tribal communities of the coming of brutal Spanish colonizers. Each knot effectively communicated to a coalition of Pueblo defenders. They organized and carried out a successful army defeat.

Today….Facebook is the yucca rope.

Facebook experiment in social influence and political mobilization

Curated Apri 1st 2018 Last updated: September 19, 2012 Facebook experiment in social influence and political mobilization By John Wihbey A wide range of research has explored the dynamics of the Facebook ecosystem, from how messages spread within networks to the outsized impact of influential individuals. A key area of debate revolves around the role of “strong ties” and…