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 Luxury Uptown Development Freezes Out Frogtown Tenants

Halbach said the Housing Partnership’s report was meant to raise awareness of the problem; it doesn’t lay out specific solutions. But he said he thinks those could include more funding from the federal and state governments for subsidized housing and should involve looking at other cities that began facing affordability issues before the Twin Cities. Seattle, for example, is requiring developers to either provide or pitch in to pay for affordable housing. The city also plans to allow more height to projects that include affordable housing.

Minnesota [N]ice Served up COLD at 2018 Super Bowl

“Together, we overcome challenges,” the Askov Finlayson website states. “And we’re better for it. From constraint is born creativity, which is the secret to our success. That, and good gear. Because there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”